Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun with 'Net Outages

Today's Daily Special is Snowdrop, on sale for $80 down from $100. Sale ends noon PST tomorrow!

I was a bit delayed with setting up today's special, as our internet was down for about 3 hours. When I say our, I mean pretty much the entire city of Tucson, or at least, anyone who uses Cox. Chris's best friend and my best friend were both suffering 'net outages, and neither of them live very near us. Luckily it came back up.

I'm working on designing a new necklace with some of the beads from my Phoenix trip. Black lava and copper from Rings and Things, and a copper and silver (not sure if it's Sterling or Nickle Silver) focal. I need something else to pull it together -- I'm thinking a little bit of Bali-style silver, and maybe some mother of pearl.

To move things away from "all business, all the time," last night I had a lot of fun dancing. I'd moved my big, evil craft table (long-term blog readers will remember this table as the one that mangled my finger) out of the living room, so there was a lot more room to dance. This meant that of course I had to break out my new 10-yard skirt. What fun! Every movement of my hips or knees was accompanied by a flounce of ruffled skirt. My current goal is to figure out how to do one of my favorite moves that the Ren Faire belly dancers do: kicking up the hem of the skirt and catching it in their hand as they dance. It just looks so impressive, much better than reaching down to pick up the hem.

Of course, you might be asking "AJ, why would you even want to pick up your hem?" and there's an easy answer for that. In tribal-style belly dance, when you wear a big floofy skirt, there's all sorts of little flourishes you can do by picking up the hem, waving it around, wrapping the skirt around yourself, or hold it while you twirl. Similar to veil work, and lots of fun to do.

I'm trying to dedicate a lot more time and energy to dancing, so expect to read more about it!


  1. Okay....after I move and things settle down, we MUST get together because I really want to learn how to belly dance but right now money is a bit tight!

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  2. Jolene, I would be glad to give you some pointers and I have some great instructional DVDs, too! You will have so much fun dancing :)

  3. AJ, do you combine your interests? Ever make jewelry that you wear when you dance?

    (@Rings_Things on Twitter)

  4. Dave, you bet I do :D I've made necklaces and anklets to wear when I dance, and some to sell to other dancers. And next, I'm going to make a beaded bra.