Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lawyer: Contacted

The nice thing about having done business under the same name for 10 years on the internet is that I apparently have a case for trademark on I've just submitted a form to a law firm who specializes in domain and internet law to see if they can write me a nice cease and desist letter. If that doesn't work, it's lawsuit time. Oh yeah.

At this point, I'm thinking that I should have bid on the auction when it was $60.

Anyway, I've done all I can on the domain front for now, and I've written all of the descriptions for this weekend's BFAC auctions (Locked Away is one of them!), so now it's beading time. Yeah! I've got a flower to finish.


  1. What a pain. I hope it works out easily now that you have lawyers involved.

  2. it looks like you have a pretty good case.
    good luck and let us know how it turns out.
    that's just plain highway robbery what they are doing to you!!!

  3. The lawyer I contacted* said I should buy the domain from the registrant because it would cost upwards of $5k to pursue legal action. Currently deciding if I want to try to find a more reasonable lawyer, or give up and settle for and stop wasting my valuable bead time on this garbage.

    *This is what I get for contacting a random law firm that has a website about cybersquatting. I'm guessing they're more interested in dealing with big companies and getting the big bucks.