Friday, March 13, 2009

Feeling better.

I'm almost over my cold, finally. It's so annoying because I feel like I've pretty much lost a week. All I did was read -- a lot. You can find reviews of the books I've been reading over at my writing blog. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm looking forward to getting back to beading. I've got flowers to make, and beaded shapes to try, and a BFAC project to start!

I also need to take some pictures. This blog is definitely suffering from a general lack of them, and I even have a few new pieces of jewelry that I haven't shown off yet. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow, in between listing next week's BFAC auctions and tidying up the house and stringing pretty crystals.

Ah yes, the pretty crystals. After gem show, I picked up a job stringing crystals at home, for my gem show boss. It's much like working at gem show, except that I do it at home, and I'm stringing bicones instead of packaging rivolis. It's a nice way for me to earn a little bead money while jewelry sales are slow during the economy, and a fun way to see all of the different color/finish combinations of crystals. Tonight I'm working on emerald AB 2x. Yummy!

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