Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spooky, angry treasuries

Must be something in the air. I made this Halloween-themed treasury (in July!), and Mermie made an angry treasury called Grrrrrrr... (I'm not actually going to count and make sure I got the number of 'r's right). No sweet, pretty, airy-fairy treasuries here!

By the way, I suspect it will be a while until I'm back to a normal blogging schedule here. I'm currently a little over-committed, due to a bunch of things converging at once and my own inability to say "no" to most requests that involve my talents and sound like fun.


  1. Halloween isn't that far off the retail radar: we've already started putting out our Halloween stock at my PT job. Great treasuries!

  2. And it's definitely not far off for people who make their own costumes. A lot of my friends are already planning what they're going to be!