Thursday, January 06, 2011

False Alarm!

It turns out that even though my camera wasn't behaving like it normally does when the batteries are run down, all it needed was new batteries and it's working again. Thank goodness! I probably should replace it sometime this year, as it really is getting old for a small electronic device, and I don't want it dying on me at an inconvenient time. But right now, my money is better funneled into home repairs and getting ready for a very busy, very shoppy February and March: Gem show, house guests, Renaissance Faire and Wild West Con, all in a row!

So I was able to successfully take photos today, but there's no time to list anything before I head off to Tempe for dance class (yay, dance class!). Instead I'll leave you with this photo of the tribal necklace that I made for last month's recital. Other than the round black horn beads, everything in this necklace is from my birthday trip to Beads Galore!

Tomorrow, there really will be new jewelry at Handmade Jewelry by Erthe Fae Designs!


  1. Well, I'm holding Computer Reports' list of Compact and Subcompact Digital Cameras so if you want to know what they think is best (there's several PowerShots on the list), email me.

  2. Thanks for the camera info!