Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Remember how I promised new jewelry today? Well, I set up my photo stuff, took out my camera, turned it on... and nothing. It would appear that my beloved PowerShot is on its last legs. I can turn it on in playback mode, but when I switch to photo mode, it sticks out the lens and then shuts down without even retracting it! No error message, nothing.

Of course, the camera is at least 3 years old (because I already had it when I moved into this house in 2008) and has seen almost constant use in that time. It photographed two years worth of Beading For A Cure auction items, countless Erthe Fae Designs pieces, and accompanied me to New York, San Diego Comic Con, and Aruba. I'd kind of been expecting to replace it soon... but having it flake out in the same week that I already replaced the thermostat, and am about to replace my hot water pipes, is a bit of a blow.

So I don't know when I will have new jewelry, as it will all depend on when I get a new camera. Yay.

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