Monday, October 25, 2010

One Meeeeeellion Beads!

I just got back from spending the weekend in San Diego, where Chris and I visited a couple of museums. Now, of course I expect to find beads in a museum... people have been making beads forever, so there's always some old beads made out of natural materials, maybe some Egyptian faience, some Victorian beaded purses, you never know. But at the Museum of Man, I found beads cleverly used to represent years.

But where are the one million beads? Guess they didn't fit on the board.
Oh. THERE they are! One million beads makes a nice little wall, don't you think?

(For all you beaders who are surely wondering, the beads were a size 6ish vintage-style white heart).


  1. And the beads are strung! I wonder how many people try to count the million. I love white hearts -- I only have a few and may save them forever.

  2. Oh, the ones in the wall aren't strung... the lines are individual compartments full of loose beads.

    They also had some DNA strand models made out of beads, though one of them was broken. There was lots of broken stuff in that museum... including a plasticized brain that had slipped off its pedestal and was crammed against the side of its brain jar, leaving a streak of plastic brain along the side... I almost gagged when I saw that.

  3. Oh, I see. The ones in the wall look strung. I don't know why they wouldn't fix the brain -- that sounds like it wouldn't be too hard. Did you have to pay to get in? Maybe they're not making enough money these days.