Friday, October 15, 2010

It's a wonderful week on Etsy!

I'm having a busy, productive week. Lots of jewelry being dreamed up, and some of it being brought to life. There are two brand-new items in my Etsy shop this week. Bombay Princess, pictured above, and Fractured Tribe, which I previewed in yesterday's post.

Both of these gorgeous new necklaces contain lampworked beads by artists whose work I love (and who happen to be great people, too!). I'm still very sad that JC discontinued her Mendhi series, so it's hard for me to let them go -- but let's face it, when would I ever wear a purple costume? I just know there's a dancer out there who will love Bombay Princess and wear her all the time!

Now that Etsy has changed Treasuries so that you can make one whenever you want and they last forever, I've been trying to make one a week. This week's collection is FAESteam which naturally features items from FAETeam with a steampunk theme. I'm really happy that I was able to find a lot of wonderful items in the $20 and under range, as well as some mid-range items and a couple of expensive but worth it items!

Etsy has also rolled out some new features where they recommend items and shops for you, so I've been finding lots of new goodies to "heart." I think I should share some of those in these posts, too, so it's not all about my shop and my team! This week's find is Stiletto Heights. Just look at how beautiful those prints are! I'll be buying at least one when my dance space is finally finished.


  1. The steampunk ring in your set is very cool! Even though it's adjustable, I don't think I could wear it. In fact, I'm taking all my rings to bookgroup tomorrow to see if anybody wants some before I send to Monsterslayer.

  2. another beauty from erthe fae :D

    i've been appreciating stilletto heights images for some time, myself.

  3. Marilee, that seller has TONS of pretty steampunk stuff but I thought that ring was just so perfect, and such a nice photo. It's a shame none of your rings fit anymore :(

    Thank you, Julie! And Stiletto Heights has such pretty stuff... I'm totally into vintage dancer images right now.