Monday, October 18, 2010

OMG, cabs!

Remember when I said I was trying to put all of my beads and supplies away in a nice, organized fashion? Here's some photographic proof! My cabochon collection was spread all over the place -- some were in a divided plastic box, some were in the same hardware drawer system as my focal beads, some were just lying around in the baggies they came in. Not acceptable at all!

When I started this current quest for organization, I put a lot of my cabs into a flat box designed for storing craftbooking doo-dads or other small crafting supplies. I decided that was perfect, and JoAnn's is having a big storage sale this week, so I went out in search of more. They didn't have the exact same box, but they did have a little three-drawer unit, and that is where all of my cabs and rivolis will now be stored.

This isn't even all the cabs... the black and white ones will go in a separate drawer, because they wouldn't all fit in this one. And I know there are more cabs hiding around the house. And then there are the cabs that are already glued down to be embroidered around, or that I've been actively matching beads to for large projects.


  1. I'd be ever so happy to take some off your hands if they need a home so you have more space, AJ!!!! (LOL) They are all stunning - I can't wait to see the beauty you will be creating with all of that at your disposal!!!

  2. Wow, lots of cabs! The third row, third one from the left, is that lampwork?

  3. Nancy, I have no doubt you'd create beautiful things with my cab collection... but I'm a greedy li'l cab miser ;)

    Marilee, it's actually polymer clay with a gem set in it. Funny enough, Nancy gave it to me! The one next to it is lampwork, though.

    Anna, don't they look so nice all sorted by color?

  4. Okay! I am officially jealous! Not that I don't have as many cabs as you, but there is something about cabs that make me want to acquire every one that I see. Just bought several more while in Tahoe. Did I need them? Of course not, but had to have them just the same. lol. You have a beautiful selection.

  5. Arline, it does seem like there are never enough cabs! What sort did you pick up in Tahoe? When I was there last year I got some cool vintage ones from Sherry Serafini, and a piece of black kyanite from the little metaphysical gift shop in the resort.