Thursday, June 03, 2010

She Lives!

How's that for an appropriately dramatic blog post title?

It would appear that I took two weeks off from blogging. There was no particular reason for this, just a combination of being busy, the office being the hottest room in the house, and not feeling like I had anything exceptionally compelling to say. And what happened while I was gone? Spammy blog comments! What did they hope to accomplish by commenting on posts that were two weeks old? Who knows?

I haven't been beading much lately, but that's about to change. My dear friend Helen is getting married to a great guy later this month, and I'm very excited to be making a necklace to go with her gorgeous dress. I'll be starting that in a couple of days, I'm just waiting for the rest of the beads to arrive in the mail. On top of that, the BFAC deadline is just two months away and I haven't even started on my necklace. Plus I've got these ideas swirling in my head for various lampwork beads that are sitting on my desk.

I'd love to chat more about my dance life, and FAE Team, and all that good stuff, but I have about 8 hours worth of stuff and 3 hours to do it in, so I'd better wrap this up. I'll be back tomorrow!

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