Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brunette-locks and the three bezels

I'm trying to finish my friend Helen's wedding necklace before I go see her on Friday afternoon (her wedding is on the 26th). The pendant involves a bezeled rivoli. The bezel has to be exactly 36 beads, to attach neatly to the base I've already made. The first 36 bead bezel I made, out of the white opal gilt-lined seed beads was too small. The second bezel, made from the silver-lined matte crystal ab is so large that I think I might be able to fit an 18mm crystal in, instead of the prescribed 16mm crystal. So what bezel will be "just right"? Should I go with crystal AB, which I've already made most of the pendant out of? Should I try alternating the little white opal beads with the big matte beads? Should I swear off bezels since they almost never fit on the first, second or even third try?


  1. Not sure what a bezeled rivoli is, but it's fun to say and I hope you share photos of the finished necklace! ;D

  2. Aquariann, the bronze crystal in this necklace is a bezeled rivoli:

    And it IS fun to say! A lot of people see rivoli and think ravioli, though ;)