Thursday, January 08, 2009

Take a picture of ME!

Earlier today, I was taking BFAC pictures, and I thought I was all done, but Topher disagreed. There was one more important item to photograph -- HIM! Actually, he really likes to get into my photo tent. I had to lock him into the office while I was actually taking the pictures, because he wanted to get inside with the items. *sigh* Luckily I grabbed him before he could sit on anything important.

Oh yes, he's sitting on my dining room table. Isn't it pretty? It has a row of big metal studs running along the edge, which gives it a rustic medieval look. The chairs are made out of the light wood, with studs along the back, and have puffy cushions in micro-seude that almost matches the dark wood. It's a spiffy dining set. We love it.

I'm really quite tired now, and I can't coherently organize my thoughts, so I'm going to wander off.


  1. oh how cute :) my dog pappy used to love to 'get under' things, too.

  2. Topher knows a good shot when he sees it!

  3. Topher seems to love anything that resembles a cave, and he was also enjoying playing with the little strap on the carrying case for the tent.

    Marilee, both of my kitties are very photogenic! The dogs, not so much. They move too much, unless they're asleep.