Monday, January 26, 2009

Almost that time again...

Yes, it's almost gem show time, which means that I will be blogging more again! Is it bad that I found myself wishing that I had something nicer than my bottom-of-the-line flip-phone, so I could do live Twitter coverage of the show? I will say yes, it is bad, because my boss would probably prefer to pay me for packaging crystals, not posting "Wow! I am packaging so many sparkly crystals today! Come to the booth and buy them!" On-line marketing is good, but doing the job you were hired for is better.

The picture above is the steampunk beetle assemblage necklace that Chris gave me for the day after Christmas (since I wasn't home on Christmas). I figure it fits the post title, since, you know, it has little watch pieces embedded in it. Of all my holiday presents, this is the one I've worn the most, because it goes very well with a casual pants and tee sort of outfit, where my crystal jewelry might be a little overkill. Plus, since it's mixed-metal colors, it also goes with whatever color I'm wearing. It's a good necklace for when I'm feeling lazy, which is all too often lately.

I'm almost done with my kit bracelet, which has morphed slightly from the original kit design. I'll probably finish it tomorrow or Wednesday, and post pictures... sometime.

Anyway, back to the subject of gem show! Gem Mall, my source for Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, vintage glass, and random vintage keys, opens on Saturday, and I hope to go there opening day. Unfortunately, my favorite vintage seller, East of Oz, will not be there, but I can still fill all of my other needs. Then on Sunday, I will go to To Bead True Blue, which has very conveniently moved to within walking distance of my house. Monday and Tuesday will be days of getting things squared away at home, and then Wednesday begins my exciting work week. Hooray!


  1. Very cute necklace! Think you can get a close-up of the beetle? I'm intrigued.

    And yes, I can feel your excitement over gem show all the way on this coast!

  2. I was going to take a close-up for you while I took those BFAC pictures, but then I forgot to grab the necklace off of the spinny-rack. Hopefully I'll remember to take it when I get pictures of the cameo I'm working on.