Monday, January 05, 2009

Progress, but not much.

The game room project continues at a snail's pace. Would you believe that Chris's job called him while we were hanging insulation, and made him work 4 hours, on a Sunday? Then today, he tried to get off at 3pm, which would have given us a couple of hours of daylight* to work in there before dinner, but he got stuck working until almost 4. Ugh. We're hoping to get a little bit done tomorrow, but we probably won't have time to put serious work in again until Saturday.

Meanwhile I've been working on other stuff. The BFAC pictures, which I am way behind on (thank goodness someone is taking them over for the next round. I'm not cut out for semi-professional photography). Beading my kit project (the necklace morphed into a bracelet). Keeping the house from sliding into general disarray. All that good stuff.

Tomorrow I'll be taking pictures, and while I have everything set up (probably in the dining room, because the game room table that I usually use is piled up with power tools, hardware, safety gear, and miscellaneous game room contents), I'll be taking a better picture of the faerie button necklace, some jewelry gifts that I received, and the bracelet I'm working on, all of which will be posted in this blog throughout the week.

*The game room's well-lit and all, but it gets COLD out there when the sun goes down.

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