Friday, October 05, 2007

Various and Sundry Things

Today I finally get to all of the things that I've wanted to post about, but have been too busy to collect my thoughts on.

First! Isn't the above Greenman awesome? My equally awesome mother made him for me a couple of weeks ago, and I keep forgetting to post a picture. He's made out of polymer clay, with a dusting of mica powder on the face. Eventually I'm going to hang him on the wall, but for now he's sitting on my desk, guarding one of the many stacks of books.

Second! As you may already know, I love to write. My work to date includes assorted novels and short stories (all of them unpublished, sadly); roleplaying gaming columns; reviews of movies, comic books, books, and whatever else that I feel I can get away with reviewing; some of the text on the LL-BFAC site; bios and artist statements for several of my beading pals; and of course, all of the text on my site and this blog. Armed with all of that experience, I've branched out into the world of writing website text and such for others. My first client is Hollyrose Aromatherapy! I had a lot of fun re-writing her product descriptions. Oh, and by the way, I highly recommend the Patchouli Woods scent if you decide to order anything.

Third! Art Bead Scene's challenge theme this month is "Gothic Queen." Needless to say, this theme appeals to me a lot, and of course, it's perfect for October. I am all kinds of jazzed. So far I've entered Dark Lady of the Depths and Devil Duckies! Be sure to look at the other entries, there's some great stuff up already and the month has only just begun.

Fourth! I am working on two other exciting things that I will post about as they develop.


  1. Marilee J. Layman10/6/07, 12:38 PM

    The Green Man is very cool!

    Have you been submitting your unpublished work? You have to sent it to publishers first, you know. ;)

  2. Thanks, I'll pass the compliment along to Mom.

    Ha ha, no, I haven't submitted my unpublished work. That was a tongue-in-cheek comment. Other than one short story that I need to decide where to send, everything still needs some edits before I can think about publishing.

  3. Thanks for the compliment AJ. You are a great writer. I'm glad you like the patchouli woods scent. That is a popular one!

  4. Thank you, Holly! I had a lot of fun working on your site... And I'm still enjoying your products! I use the lotion bar all the time, it's a lot less greasy/residue-y than the other lotions I have. It's so annoying to have lotion all over my hands when I bead!