Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moving right along.

Image: Baby Bat

My current bead project is moving right along, and will definitely be done in time for next week's update. It's all light colors, as opposed to the dark hues I've been working on so much lately. It's good to change things up every now and then. Not sure what I'll do next after this, except that I need to string a necklace to go with a specific cool-weather top. I've had the beads picked out for a while and just haven't taken the time to put it together. I also want to come up with one or two more things for the Art Bead Scene contest. Naturally, I've already entered Baby Bat and Night Shift.

Chris came home sick from work today, so naturally our Wednesday night game is off, but I'll probably bead just as much if not more than I would have if I was gaming tonight. Chris is very low-maintenance when he's sick, mostly he just sleeps. It's so much easier for me to take care of him than for him to take care of me; I always have him going to the store for cold meds, more Kleenex, and foods that are easy on my pooooor ravaged throat. Heaven only knows why he puts up with me!

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