Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ooky Spooky.

In an hour or so, we're going to head out with a bunch of friends to go to Old Tucson Studios' "Nightfall" Halloween event. I haven't been since I was a teen, but back then it was a pretty good time... Hokey gory shows, a haunted house or two, and of course, touring the studios themselves. Many movies and TV shows (mostly westerns) were filmed at Old Tucson. Of course, most of the original stuff burnt down about 10 years ago in a fire, and it wasn't quite the same after they rebuilt it... But hopefully we'll have fun tonight.

Don't tell Chris that I'd kind of rather spend the admission fees on beads :P

I had to give up on the Nightmare Eyes project. I might have been able to make it work, but it reached the point where I realized that it would just be more trouble than it was worth. Too bad. In the meantime, I've strung another necklace or two, and started working on something fun for November. Tune in on Thursday the 1st to learn more!

Time to go decide if I want to wear pants or a skirt tonight...

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