Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A zebra in a dirigible!

I don't normally decorate for the holidays. Chris and I don't "do" Christmas, and even if we did, where would we put a Christmas tree without it getting destroyed by the cats and/or the corgis? But this year I was feeling sad about my lack of decor, so I decided to do something about it. After hitting JoAnn's and World Market (armed with coupons and sales fliers, because I am a savvy shopper), I put together this adorable semi-steampunk wreath.

The base is a pre-made fake evergreen wreath. I didn't realize how off-round it was until after I took the photo, so I may need to bend the wire frame a bit to fix it. I added a bunch of picks from the holiday floral decor section, and a couple ornaments from World Market (the zebra in the dirigible and the starburst). It's green, it's festive, it's sparkly, and it's non-religious. Perfect for my non-descript winter holiday celebration!

My Maine Coon mix Topher was very interested in it while I was assembling it (I hung it on the door and stuck stuff on it and rearranged until it look right), but he's been ignoring it since I finished, so hopefully I won't come home from class tomorrow and find that he's taken a flying leap from the couch and pulled it off the door!

Don't forget that it's not too late to make YOUR holiday more green and sparkly with a purchase from Handmade Jewelry by Erthe Fae Designs (I think that's my most shameless plug yet).

Dance goal update: Last night's practice was running through our song for recital a couple of times. Not anywhere near half an hour, but there was all that chair dancing earlier in the day.


  1. What is wrong with me? How did I miss that it should be a zebra in a zeppelin?

  2. LOL Well we don't have a lot of either of those anymore. We used to have dirigibles launch from our airport, but it isn't controllable enough for this close to DC.

    The wreath is very cute, and I do think you need to work on the wires.

  3. Was the wreath still up when you got home last night?

  4. Marilee, there are actually a couple of companies that do tourist airship flights... I believe one of them is in San Francisco. Someday I will go on one in full steampunk gear! I also plan to do the same on the steam train at the Grand Canyon.

    Would you believe I bought that particular wreath because compared to the ones around it, it actually looked round? *sigh*

    SaraBeth, the cat has not destroyed it yet!