Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recital Video!

Ah ha! This time, the video of my recital is just short enough to actually upload on Blogger! So here it is. I actually messed up a lot this time around, but oh well. We learn from our mistakes, right?

I'm performing with my fellow Anaya Tribal classmates, from levels 2-4. We're dancing to Mausam and Escape by A.R. Rahman from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. And it was my first time performing ITS with zills, and my first time performing in a 25 yard skirt (well, unless you count the one song that Ghazaal Beledi pulled us on stage for at Ren Faire).

Anyway, in other news, I am more or less on vacation from my store, Handmade Jewelry by Erthe Fae Designs for the rest of the year. I had a customer (ok, my mom!) over to purchase a couple gifts for co-workers yesterday, and I may work on some jewelry to get ready for Valentine's Day, but for the most part my focus is going to be on creating last-minute gifts for friends, working on Wings of the Morrigan, getting some dance practice and tidying up the house. I'll try to keep updating the blog, but I will be in Vegas for most of next week, so I might just pre-schedule a few fluffy posts.


  1. You girls look so graceful. :) I wish the video was clearer so I could see the dancing better. I think that kind of dancing is just so cool!

  2. Meri, sadly this video was taken on Chris's iPhone so it's about as good as can be expected ;) I'm still waiting for the video from the friend-of-a-friend who was sitting in the front row with a camcorder :)

    And thank you!

  3. Don't worry too much about it. It happens to all of us. Somewhere out there is a video of me falling off my pointe shoe during a competition. I made a brilliant recovery, but the memory of it still makes my face go all red.

  4. Oh no, SaraBeth! What a bummer :(

    I'm not TOO worried, mainly just annoyed because I haven't performed since May, and I haven't performed ITS since even earlier than that, so I wanted to look better in this video, not like an utter newbie all over again. Clearly, I need more group practice.

  5. Hmm.....now there's a challenge. How can you fit more group time, other than class, into your 365 Days of Dance challenge?

  6. SaraBeth, it seems like I need to make more effort to get up to Phoenix and practice with my friends between classes, and to have them come down here and practice with me. The problem is that usually in both cases, we're together for workshops or other major plans and there's no time or energy for tribal practice, too!

    I wonder how well it would work to put in one of my Anaya tribal DVDs and watch it out of the corner of my eye, to simulate being in a chorus situation?