Monday, April 19, 2010

Short and Sweet

Well, since I gushed all over yesterday's post, I'll keep today a little shorter!

Sometime this week, I'll be listing my Grass Moon challenge necklace. I finished it on Saturday, but haven't had a chance to take photos (it's strangely cloudy today). I'm also hoping to make an Egg Moon necklace, but I'd have to be fast, as the deadline for the challenge is Sunday, and I'll be in Phoenix all weekend.

I'll be in Phoenix, because I'm going to a friend's birthday party, spending the night, and then my recital is the next day! I'll be dancing twice this time, with the zill class and the tribal class.

Next week will be a big week, too. I'm starting a new job, spending a few hours a week working as an assistant for a friend of mine, plus I'll be practicing to dance a solo on the 30th. Two very exciting things in one week! Not to mention that I'm taking a hula workshop on the 1st... which happens to be my 28th birthday :)


  1. I loved hula when I was a kid. I got good enough that I was on one of the welcoming groups at Guam, where everybody else was at least an older teen. I didn't fill out the top as well, though.

  2. I think hula is beautiful, but I don't know how I feel about adding it to my belly dance, since hula is about telling stories and belly dance is not. But my teacher suggested it because she thought it would be fun for as many of us from class to take it as possible.

    Earlier this year they had a lady teaching hula at the studio, too, and there's also a hula studio right next door! There used to be a flamenco studio on the other side, but they moved.

  3. So now there's soft movements instead of clattering shoes!

  4. Great news about the job!!!!


  5. I could never hear anything from the Flamenco studio, but I hear drums from the hula studio sometimes! And there's a second little studio in the back of ours, which they rent out for private use and small classes, so sometimes we have music from that, music from our class, and hula music, all blending together.

    Thank you Jolene :D