Monday, July 21, 2008

Internet, stop eating my time.

Last night I intended to write. It was around midnight. I figured I had 2 good hours to work on my book before going to sleep.

Instead, I spent the evening goofing off on Facebook and reading stuff on humor sites. Ugh!

Thinking about it, the most productive time I've had recently is on Saturday, when I unplugged the cable modem and router because of a thunderstorm, and sat here writing on my laptop. Without the internet to distract me, I was forced to work on my book instead of procrastinate.

Once I get back from Comic Con, it's time once again to try to put myself on a schedule to ensure that I actually get things done in a day. I could accomplish so much more than I do. I just need to strike a good balance between being on-line enough to stay in touch with my friends and make new friends, while still leaving myself enough time to bead, write, and do housework.

I just looked up the hotel we're staying at for Comic Con, and I'm pretty excited. It's practically right on the water! How cool is that? And it has a fridge, so we can stash some food and drinks in the room. And there's internet! Hooray! I'm leaving my laptop at home, but Chris plans to bring his, so I may blog a bit from San Diego.

Tomorrow I need to clean the pictures off of my camera. I intend to take a lot of photos at the convention. Anyone in a good faerie costume or dressed up like a bellydancer better be prepared to have me pester them for photographs. Of course, it looks like my wings are going to arrive in time, so I'm going to be getting pestered myself!

I might even make some time tomorrow to put together a quickly necklace to go with my official Collector Times shirt. I bought the cute little tanktop instead of a t-shirt, so there's room for a necklace.

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