Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello beading, I've missed you!

Last night I decided to take my beads to the game. My current project isn't super-portable, but I took it anyway. I knew I'd have some downtime while the guys goofed off, and I've really wanted to finish that rivoli project that I started before the move. I got a bit of work done on it -- finished the other half of the spiral rope. But then I reached the part where I need to fringe it, and I hit a problem.

You see, when I did the first half, I figured I'd be doing the second half soon thereafter. You know, maybe a few days between, a week at most if things got busy. I did not count on over a month! And I didn't write anything down. So I'm going to have to take a close look at the fringe and count how many beads I used. Definitely not something I want to do while half a dozen guys are talking and gaming around me. So I'll probably do that tonight or tomorrow.

I've been writing, too. I did some on Monday and Tuesday. I almost started writing last night after the game, but I felt like I'd probably be up until 5am if I did. I should really be rotating my sleep schedule to fall asleep earlier, since I'll need to get up in the mornings for Comic Con... but whenever I write, I start to stay up later and later. I'm going to go do some writing now, and see if I can get it out of my system early in the day and maybe fall asleep at a decent hour. I must be bright and chipper for the convention!

Anyway, writing is awesome. I'm really excited about how my book is shaping up. I feel like the characters and situations are much better developed than they were in any of my previous attempts to write this story. This might actually go somewhere.


  1. I've done that -- had to set something aside, sure I'll remember what I was doing, and then had to take it partially apart to figure out what I did!

  2. It's kind of like when you put something "Someplace I won't forget" and then you have to tear the whole apartment/house/condo apart looking for it.

    I don't think I'll have to undo anything, but I did use 15s for the stems and leaves (the branch is 11s), so it's going to take some up-close looking.