Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Little bits of news.

First and most important, I finished my special necklace last night. YOW does it look great! I am simply in love. You know, I have got to stop making all of this jewelry that I want to keep. Or maybe I should make a couple of things for myself, so I won't feel so neglected.

You may remember Dame Autumn from my Fashionable Friday column two weeks ago. Well, I've been talking her up on my forums, and Dreams and Jewelry just featured her today! I feel like my necklace is in great company, as there are lots of cool items on there that I would love to have. Once you're done at the blog, be sure to visit her site, too. There is some beautiful jewelry there!

Tonight I'll be starting another project, got to keep myself busy. After all, I only have one thing for this week's update and it's already Tuesday. It's probably time for another strand collage, and then maybe a bracelet or two and some earrings to round it out -- I've really been working on stocking up on the earrings.

There are still a couple more days to vote for Erthe Fae Designs (and your other favorite Indie sites) in the Rare Robin Awards! Share the love!


  1. I enjoyed writing about your jewelry. I didn't realize just how much work went into it until I wrote about it. Top Notch work Girlie!

  2. Thank you, Andrea! It can be a lot of work, but like writing, it's work that I love doing :)