Saturday, October 14, 2006

As promised...

Ta da! There it is, the pendant I made this week. I've only dabbled in bead embroidery before, but recent talk and show-n-tell on my favorite beading forum made me decide that it was time to really get into it. I used Laura McCabe's article in the most recent Bead and Button as a jumping-off point, making some changes along the way to accommodate my bead selection and sense of style. This pendant really reminds me of Amy Brown's faerie paintings, as the fae in them are always wearing stripes and checks. The pendant is hanging from a black herringbone rope that I made especially for hanging assorted things from.

I have a necklace planned for this next week that will use that same technique. Actually, I'm going to start it today. If it turns out, it will be featured on Friday :)

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