Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Introducing... Feather Earrings!

You may have noticed some of these feather earrings in a few of the images from the photo shoot! It's true, I decided to jump in on this fashion trend. I have sensitive lobes, so I can't always wear a lot of big earrings, but feathers allow me to go big and bold without hurting myself. The pair on the left made with green feathers and silvered leaves was my initial prototype which I made for myself. They're really fun, in most instances.

Pro tip: Don't wear feather earrings to Biosphere 2. Part of the tour takes you through all of the ventilation stuff underneath, and there's a couple of spots where it's like being in a wind tunnel.

The other two pairs are available in my Etsy shop! Luck in the Wind Feather Earrings are turquoise and grey with Hamsa charms, and Om Feather Earrings are beautiful and earthy with brass charms and shells with Om symbols on them.


  1. Well, this was a fashion trend in the 80s! Apparently they're popular again.

  2. Yes, a lot of things from the 80s are back again! I don't like most of them, but I do like feather earrings.

  3. WOw... love these pics.. especially their jewellery!
    Thank you for sharing these pics.... i've pinned few of them to my boards!