Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Lots of new earrings!

 I'm on a quest to get my Etsy shop up to at least 100 items, and to keep it that way. I want my customers to have a great selection to choose from. To that end, I've been busy listing some new earrings in the shop. Above, Basalt Talisman, the latest in my line of Hamsa earrings.
 Tribal Bauble is made with some of the first Kashmiri beads I ever purchased. I've probably had these for about a decade now, maybe longer, and I've been jealously doling them out in small amounts. I think this is the last of them. A great accent to your favorite tribal necklace.
 Vampy Starlet goes perfectly with all of the red and black I've been featuring lately. The red beads are vintage! They're a really rich opaque red, like lipstick.
Since the hamsas have done so well, I decided to give these henna hand charms a try. Lovely Dancer Hands would be a great gift for a henna artist or belly dancer.

I really like using that little wooden box as a photo prop, by the way! It's so elegant and just the right size to display earrings, bracelets and anklets.

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