Monday, June 04, 2012


Every year when the weather gets warmer, I start thinking about anklets. I make new ones, and I promote them all over the place, and no one buys them. This year I've been busy with beetles for MZ and bracelets for Kate, and I admittedly neglected my Etsy shop a bit. I was not promoting anklets or anything else. Naturally, those anklets started selling themselves when I wasn't looking.

Today I not only listed this Lime Blossoms Anklet but I also put all of the ankle bracelets* into their own Handmade Anklets section in my shop, so you no longer have to browse all of the sections to find them. I hope to make some more new ones this week, too, so keep your eyes open.

*I always call them anklets, but a lot of people search for ankle bracelet instead, or even anklet bracelet. Whatever name you use, I have 'em!


  1. Gorgeous! I love the colorway you used in this!

  2. Thank you! It seems like these intense brights are really hot right now :)