Monday, November 07, 2011

More hamsa earrings!

My hamsa earrings have been selling well so far, so I made a few pairs for the Desert Shakedown last month... where they did not sell at all. I am terrible at predicting trends! I listed the Crystal Hamsa Earrings in my Etsy shop, and the other pair (which also involves crystals) will be part of a special giveaway on another blog. I'll post more about that when the time comes. There's a third pair which I didn't photograph, and they'll be added to my selection of jewelry at Plaza de Anaya. I should also have some hamsa hairpins and sticks available, as well as other hair accessories and possibly other earrings. Did I mention that Plaza is still the only place to purchase my line of one of a kind hair accessories? It's true!

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