Friday, September 16, 2011


I was wondering what to blog about today, and it's a good thing I waited instead of posting something boring, because look what the nice UPS man just brought for me! My husband's godmother cleaned out her jewelry box and sent everything she didn't want anymore to me! There's glass, crystals, metal, plastic, and even a set of cameos! And that's just what I noticed from digging around a little bit. Sorting through these treasures is going to take a while, and it's going to be fun :)

This is one of the awesome things about being a jewelry designer... My house is where old jewelry goes to be reborn! Will I leave the pieces as-is? Dismantle them and make them into new jewelry? Use them to decorate tribal bras, belts, and headgear? Only time will tell.


  1. Well, open up the bags and show us!

  2. I will! I was just gone all weekend for belly dance stuff -- left before 3pm Saturday and got home at 5:30 today! Pics tomorrow :)

  3. Wowza is right! Looks like you scored big time. I'm hoping you'll share a peek at some of the goodies when you get a chance!
    My house also often becomes the place old jewelry goes. Isn't that great when it happens!?