Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Treasury Love

Fantasy Artists of Etsy Team has been participating in Treasury Tuesday! Last week I got featured in several but had no time to blog about them... This week, no one from the team featured me, but I have plenty of time to blog! Ah well. I curated the above collection, called In love with a fantasy. Please consider taking the time to view a few items, leave a comment, and maybe share it on your favorite social networking sites!

I was featured in one non-FAETeam treasury at least! My mermaid necklace, Queen of the Arctic Ocean, is in the nautical-themed Out at Sea.

My plan is to get some new fantasy necklaces made and listed at Handmade Jewelry by Erthe Fae Designs this week, so hopefully next week will be more treasuriffic!


  1. The person who made the gold/bronze crocheted choker is using very tricky text in her shop. She isn't crocheting the lace, she's buying that. What's handmade is putting that lace and beads and so forth together. (I wondered how she could possibly crochet that and ask $30.)

  2. Oh, there's a crochet base that she wove the pre-made lace through. I do think it's a bit misleading, now that you point it out.