Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Super sparkly progress shot

Here's a progress picture of my 2011 LL-BFAC project. I took it yesterday, so there's actually been more progress since then. I've finished the fringe on the big center crystal, which is the only one that will get fringe (I guess the little crystal picots could count as fringe, but I don't think of them as such because they don't have movement like long fringe). The next step is connecting them all!

My additions to the kit are the 7 Swarovski rivolis in Crystal Golden Shadow and Ultra Purple AB, as well as the Honey Opal Silver Lined Delicas that I used to bezel the crystals... Not that you can really see those, under the layer of bronze teardrops!

I love this year's kit, as I find the purple and bronze color scheme to be very elegant. All of the finished products that I've seen on-line so far have looked very rich and sumptuous. I hope they raise tons of money in the auctions next year!


  1. Wow! That does look like a nice color combination.

    I've followed the BFAC projects in lurkdom for a few years now and that's the best one I've seen.

  2. an incredible amount of work, and gorgeously crafted as always.

  3. ooh, sparkley! I can't wait to see the rest :D

  4. SaraBeth, I think it's my favorite kit, too. And it doesn't even have any green! I'm looking forward to seeing what Betcey puts together for next year.

    Thank you, Julie :)

    Joann, this may be the most crystals I've ever used in one project!