Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy National Dance Day!

It's National Dance Day! The first National Dance Day, even! I won't let the fact that it was apparently started by someone from reality TV detract from my enjoyment of the day. Instead, I'll shade this pretty photo of the Ghazaal Beledi dancers from the Ren Faire doing a beautiful fan veil performance. I was fortunate enough to see them perform live again last weekend, as part of the Tribal Pura performance.

Remember this is a day for all sorts of dance, not just belly dance, so no matter what style you prefer, get up and celebrate! Put on your favorite music and dance through the house, pull out some performance DVDs, or get dressed up and hit the clubs. I for one will be going to a party where there probably won't be any dancing, but that won't stop me from dancing in the seat of the car on the way up!


  1. Happy Dance Day, darling! Tee hee, I have to admit that the program that originated it is one of my guilty pleasures.

  2. Why can't you dance at the party you are going to?

    Even though "National Dance Day" is a total rip-off of "National Dance Week", which was started back in 1981, I plan on dancing!

    We're heading to a housewarming/birthday/pool party with some of the lovely ladies from my troupe.

  3. Aquariann, I just really don't watch a lot of TV at all. If I had TV, I would probably watch So You Think You Can Dance when Chris wasn't around ;) Instead, I'm currently addicted to watching Legion of Extraordinary Dancers on Hulu. Pure eye candy!

    SaraBeth, it just wasn't a dancing party. It was the birthday party for the husband of one of my belly dance classmates, and he wanted people to come over and hang out and play games. But my classmates and I did *talk* about dancing!

    I'd definitely rather have National Dance Week!

  4. 2011 National Dance Week is April 22nd-May 1st.

    Their website is:

    Golden Lion Productions in Phoenix puts on 2 or 3 shows during that week, some of which feature belly dancers.

  5. Hey! I was born in National Dance Week! That explains a lot, doesn't it? :D