Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to normal.

Well, I'm feeling almost all better today, which is great! Yesterday I managed to get a lot of work done, so today I had the freedom to enjoy feeling more like myself. Mostly I spent it catching up on e-mail, forums, and blogs, but I've also been thinking about writing. I hope to spend some time working on Book 4 today. By the way, the working title is "The one that I wrote in WordPerfect, because Word sucks." It's something of a misnomer: every book I've written has been written in some version of WordPerfect. I just titled it that to tease Chris, who was in turn teasing me about using WordPerfect. He has this silly idea that I should stop using a program I've enjoyed for 10 years, just because, in his opinion, Word is better. Men!

All word processor snobbery aside, I also intend to bead today, in fact, I want to start as soon as I finish this post! I was working on a really cute spiral rope necklace before I left NY, and it's almost done. I need to finish it, so I can make some bracelets and earrings and maybe more necklace, all for the debut of my Fall line. I sure wish I'd done some more beading while I was in NY, especially while I was watching TV. I did manage to get a bit done, though, and of course, I bought great supplies for future projects!

Once I'm more settled into my routines, we'll see a return to Today's Cool Thing, Friday columns, and photos. The blog has seemed quite drab lately! In fact, Today's Cool Thing shall be... MapEasy! When my husband had to do a "team building exercise" (ie, play spy games) in Washington DC last month, he was provided a really cool MapEasy map of DC. I love this thing! It's cutely illustrated, looks easy to read, and has all sorts of points of interest, restaurants, and stores on it... including bead stores! Oh, and it's made out of tear-resistant, waterproof paper, so it can take all sorts of abuse. I fully intend to buy one for Providence, and for any place else that I set my books in, as a handy reference and source of entertainment.

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