Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Year Treasuries

Hello there, blog readers! Sorry about the long hiatus. I got really busy getting ready for my last two belly dance performances of the year, as well as finishing up all of the holiday prep. Then I got really sick! Now that the holidays are behind me and I'm mostly healthy, it's really time to get some stuff done. Stuff like making treasuries!

And being included in them!


  1. Ah, besides yours, three others I've dealt with or drooled on their work -- Aquariann, SplendidFish, and StudioRayyan. Have you seen this? He used to have this original as well as some others and I asked just in case, but it was way too expensive for me! I'm thinking of this print, though.

    Ah, I see you do know StudioRayyan! The fairie art dolls are very well done!

  2. Yes, StudioRayyan is part of FAETeam and I add his work to my treasuries often -- I love his blend of classical fine art technique and surreal subjects.

  3. Exactly. I wouldn't like his work if it was just people.