Monday, November 15, 2010

I just really like this photo

I thought that improving the photos for my shop, Handmade Jewelry by Erthe Fae Designs, was going to be a long and arduous process, but really, all I had to do was stop being lazy about it. It was a simple matter of getting out all my props every time, and taking my time to line things up nicely and take a few extra shots in case a couple come out blurry.

So I've been getting a lot of good pictures, and every now and then I get a really nice one, like this close-up of The Sweetest Lady. The angle is just right, and you can see every detail of the brass stamping, and just how lovely those vintage beads are. There's even a hint of their translucent glow. It makes me happy.

Of course, I still have a lot of jewelry to rephotograph, and I try to do at least one old piece whenever I'm taking pictures of new items.... but at least all the new stuff looks great!

Thank you again to all of my friends who pitched in with advice and opinions when I was trying to decide what direction to take my shop photos in.


  1. you're not kidding- the lighting is perfect and the details Scream!

  2. Career as a jewelry photographer?

  3. Thank you, Julie!

    SaraBeth, definitely not! Truly excellent photos are still the exception rather than the rule. Most of my photos are just acceptable. And there are some things that I simply can't photograph, so I don't make them!

  4. So one excellent photo turns into another & another & another.....

    Even if you don't want to do it professionally, you will get better at photographing your own jewelry.