Thursday, August 05, 2010

Teal isn't green

When people tease me about only wearing green, I remind them of the numerous teal items in my wardrobe, and half the time they say that doesn't count, because teal is blue-green. But my opinion is that teal is its own separate color, with greenish tones, which looks good with some shades of green. But it is not green.

I mention this because I am beading in teal right now. I intended to bead in green, but my green beads were too similar to each other, which means I need to go dig through my stash again for better greens. So I'm working with teal instead. Of course, the teal is going into a reversible bracelet, the other side of which will be green (when I find the right greens), so when all is said and done, I will have a new green bracelet.

But it will also be teal.

Which is not green.


  1. I agree. Teal is not green.

  2. Yeah, teal is its own color.


  3. It even has its own box in my bead collection... I got sick of never being able to find my teal beads because half were in the blue box and half were in the green ;)