Sunday, February 01, 2009

Why am I so tired already?

It's only the second day of gem show and I am so tired! But I guess it's probably because in addition to spending a little time at To Bead True Blue, I also took Maggie to doggie class and went grocery shopping and more importantly, watched a very boring movie, which almost put me to sleep (yes, even MST3K couldn't save "First Spaceship on Venus."). Nothing saps my energy more than sitting on the couch, in the dark, with a puppy in my lap, watching a dull film. Oh well. At least the puppy was happy!

To Bead True Blue was pretty good. I think I like the new location better than the Manning House. I'll be going back tomorrow, as Christi Friesen did not really have many steampunk beads, but was going to be making more tonight. I will not be denied! I did go ahead and pick up her Polymer Clay and Mixed Media book, which I flipped through before the movie and found to be most impressive. Lots of things I want to try!

My big purchase at the show was a whole bunch of pewter and a few shibiuchi pieces from Green Girl Studios. Nice mix of two of my favorite things: faeries and steampunk. While talking to Andrew from GG, however, I was disappointed to learn that there had been a faerie ball last night and Friday night, and I was completely unaware of it! What the heck, me? Stop living in a cave. Honestly, is there any place that I'm more suited to than a faerie ball? An excuse to put on my wings and dance? That's about the best thing ever. I will not miss the next such event, that is certain!

The only other thing I purchased was three little silver and blue enamel half-circle pendants whose vibrant cobalt hue really captivated me. There was other nice stuff, but nothing nice enough to compell me to buy. I think I'm saving myself for Best Bead.


  1. My goodness, what a full day - and beads involved, too! No wonder you're pooped :)

  2. Oh my, to miss a chance to dance in faery wings! I wonder why it wasn't promoted more.

  3. Well, I don't read the local paper or frequent a lot of faerie sites, so it's pretty much my own fault that I didn't know about the ball. I need to not be such a hermit.