Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot, hot, HOT!

No, I'm not talking about fashion trends or foxy celebrities. I'm unfortunately talking about the temperature in my apartment. Apparently the motor in my evaporative cooler overheated and shut itself down. Thankfully the maintenance guy here is pretty fast on the response, but while he was up there he discovered that the cooler needed new bearings, too, so he had to take off for the hardware store. It should be fixed within the hour, but I've already been sitting in the heat for two hours, and the oscillating fan can only do so much!

It's too hot to sit under my Ott-Lite, so I'm going to have to wait until later to finish my current bracelet. I've already completed the Autumn-hued one from earlier this week, and am now working on something in black, lime, and aqua, a combination I always enjoy. Not sure what I'll start after that.

On Tuesday, we learned that we were approved for the home loan we were trying for... Hooray! This means that I'm going to have a HUGE sale to try to clear out some of this jewelry. I'd rather package it up and mail it off than pack it up and then unpack it! I'll also be trying to weed out my bead collection a bit, which means I may be selling off some supplies.

Today's Cool Thing is a Bloody Brain Bowl! Although it appeals to my love of the macabre, I'm not quite sure that I could eat cereal out of it. I'm pretty easily squicked-out in the morning!

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